Thursday, July 19, 2012

Doctor Who: 6 Billion Deaths of Soka Virashi

More music from the Let's Build Mecha! e.p. appears in the latest episode of Brokensea's Doctor Who: 6 Billion Deaths of Soka Virashi. You'll also hear excerpts of a new piece of music I wrote called The Return, which features at 7:00 (under a scene) and 33:51 as a scene transition. Featured on the track is my new Roland HS-60.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Let's Build Mecha! iTunes/Amazon Release

The Manitou's 'Let's Build Mecha!' e.p. is now available on iTunes in all countries the service currently caters to, which is pretty much everywhere except for a large chunk of the East. If you're not an iTunes aficionado, you can pick it up from Amazon MP3 in their U.S., UK, French, German, or Japanese stores. Unfortunately that's the limit of Amazon's distribution just now (I can't even buy my own songs from them here in Canada!) But hey-ho, that's the way the baked sugary disc disintegrates.

Providing a link to the iTunes release is more complicated: it's different for every country. The best way to find it is to enter 'Let's Build Mecha' in the search box of your iTunes client, or the iTunes LinkMaker.

While you're waiting, why not listen to the title track?

Let's Build Mecha by themanitou
If neither of these options appeals to you, or you don't think my music's worth paying for, Let's Build Mecha! is available for free from my website at a lower bitrate. Regardless of how/where you obtain it, don't forget to grab the (also free) digital booklet which includes the lyrics and artwork.

The rest of my back catalogue will be released via these two stores as and when I can commit the time to preparing them.