Monday, December 24, 2012

Digital E.P.: The Mechanicals

The trilogy of experimental robot music tracks I wrote for Doctor Who: Centurion is available on my bandcamp page. The track listing is as follows:

1. The Mechanicals (Part 1)
2. The Mechanicals (Part 2)
3. Insufficient Data
4. The Mechanicals (Part 2) [End Of The World Mix]

Running time: 21:03

The remix was a last-minute addition that my good friend Jimmy 'Jamz' Aaron and I cooked up over the Mayan Apocalypse (hence the title). It really took the track to another level.

Stay tuned for some track-by-track commentary.

Doctor Who: Centurion

I have some new music featured in Brokensea Audio Productions' latest audio episode of Doctor Who. You can download the episode for free here.

Two pieces were specifically written for scenes in the show. A third grew out of those sessions and was ultimately used, quite effectively I might add, to heighten the impact of key points of the story.

I've prepared an e.p. of these songs. Stay tuned for the details in a separate post.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Manitou on DeviantArt

I apologise in advance about the non-audio-related nature of this post. (There's plenty of audio-related stuff on the way, so please bear with me!)

My nature photography is slowly making its way onto my DeviantArt page. I'm sifting through this year's photos and adding prints every few days or so. If pictures of wildlife and nature in general are your thing, then I hope you'll find the images as beautiful as I do.

I've added a widget to the blog (you'll find it on the sidebar) that should load thumbnails of the three most-recent prints. They're available to purchase through DeviantArt in a variety of sizes, or you can download 'desktop wallpapery' versions for free. I welcome comments if you stop by to take a gander :)