Monday, December 31, 2018

Digtal EP - Disco Antenna - The Vinyl Experience

It's been a busy creative year, and there are many releases I'm involved with waiting in the wings. Disco Antenna's first full-length album is almost complete. To tide you over, we've released something a little different: The Vinyl Experience EP.

It's been a dream of ours to have our music on a vinyl record, and this year we got the chance to have two lathe-cut vinyl records made (one for JLA and one for myself) at who I highly recommend if you're looking to have something like this made. Mastering for vinyl was an interesting process, and although it didn't turn out perfect, it came pretty close. These lathe cuts are of fantastic quality, and can be ordered in batches or one-offs, making them far less expensive than pressed vinyl (which are usually bulk-order with a long waiting time). They still aren't cheap, so it's not cost-effective (yet) to produce enough to sell.

To share the experience of playing one of these special gems, the vinyl has been digitized and EQ mastered, with all pops, clicks, hisses, and hums left intact for that authentic vinyl experience. The resulting recordings make up The Vinyl Experience EP and accompanying videos of the digitizing session. The EP is yours for free via our Bandcamp page.

Bandcamp player:

Video, Side 1:

Video, Side 2: